Engler Canyon Ranch Mustang Sanctuary

Wildlife and Habitat Preservation


We are proud to be the refuge of 115 displaced mustangs and burros that were removed from the wild.  Our sanctuary provides thousands of acres to roam, graze and socialize as they please.  Donations of any size are deeply appreciated and help us to provide hay, new fence lines, Veterinary care and  improvements for our herd.

We are a proud project of the Serengeti Foundation (501c3 non-profit), and their second mustang sanctuary in Colorado.  Additional blog posts, information and donations can be placed at http://serengetifoundation.com

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Engler Canyon Ranch

Trinchera, Colorado, United States


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Positions available for skilled labour, hard workers and the kind hearted.

Engler Canyon Ranch

Trinchera, Colorado, United States

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